Not Hair Related But………


I am a big dreamer…A HUGE dreamer….

I have no desire nor intention to live a normal life.

With that being said, I don’t want a regular career in hair. I want to do huge things and I will.

There was a time, I couldn’t say that so confidently. It was because I didn’t think I could go any further than other hairstylists around me. Its a true statement that we are products of our surroundings. If the people who surround us live limited lives,it is very likely that we will too.

It wasn’t until I moved around and ended up in Atlanta, that I fully realized that we are fully able, with the backing of God, to make our lives ANYTHING we BELIEVE they can be.

So yea, I have lollygagged and made mistakes but guess what? Now, I am closer than I have ever been. My life and career will be extraordinary and I will touch, change and inspire women’s lives everywhere with beauty as my vehicle!

Thanks for listening to my declaration and hopefully you will be around to watch this unfold and you will see that you too can make your life ANYTHING you BELIEVE it can be!

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