Hello! (My Intro)

Hello yall!

Welcome to my humble abode! lol

My name is Sylvia a/k/a The Lady of Styl and I am addicted to beautiful, healthy hair and the fabulous confidence it gives women!

A little about me:

  • I am a licensed cosmetologist in 3 states. I have been since 2003!
  • I am so passionate about my industry, I sometimes dream about it at night!!
  • I am a mother. Yep! To 3 teen aged girls!!! (Pray now and continuously)
  • My girls current ages are 16, 17, and 19. (Pray now and continuously)
  • I have a beautiful man in my life who loves us and treats us all like the queens we are!!
  • We have 3 dogs whom we adore!! A one year old Pit Bull, Bully, A one year old Lab, Rocky, and a three year old Pom-Chi, Ninja. Our babies!!
  • I’m a licensed cosmetology educator
  • I love love love teaching!!! Besides actually doing hair, its one of my life’s biggest passions!!
  • I am happy, optimistic, positive and I make it a point to love hard, work hard and live life happily, freely and on my own terms!!
  • I created my own line of products which is still growing called Sylk tm (More on that later).
  • My purpose on Earth is to beautify, motivate and inspire women all over the world!!
  • I work in my salon,  The Lady of Styl’s Sylk Bar and I specialize in healthy Sylk Pressing!418240_4177716237311_389165821_nPhotoGrid_1442207531893 (1)

I’m sorry…I went a little longer than I planned but I just wanted yall to have a decent idea of who you were dealing with.

So, my blog will celebrate my passion. Healthy, beautiful hair with a sprinkle of inspiration and motivation mixed in. I will be sharing things I learn from doing hair every day and everything I learn along the way and I appreciate all of you who ride with me!

I will be sharing a whole lot so if you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask! I can be reached here or you can email me @ theladyofstyl@gmail.com!

I cant wait to spend more time with yall!!

See yall soon!






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