Thinking of a Career In Beauty??

Hello again!!

As I mentioned in my last post, among other things, I am a very passionate cosmetology educator (licensed). I actually taught in the beauty school sector for a little over five years. During my time teaching, I worked very closely with hundreds of women of all ages, from all backgrounds, in all phases of life.

So, at the start of each of my classes, I had a ritual where I would always have a motivational session. One of the favorites was asking the students why they were there. The question was usually, “What are you looking to get out of the beauty industry”? As you guys can probably imagine, I got all kind of answers but out of 5 years of answers, the number one answer was INDEPENDENCE. Most of my ladies were looking for a way to do what they love, make a good living, raise their children, and live life on their own terms! And guess what? They had come to the right place! A career in beauty is very exciting, full of options and very lucrative! The only requirements are; passion, creativity and a real desire to be great!

So you’ve decided to go for it? What now?

First, figure out where you want to be in the beauty industry.What area are you most passionate about? The beauty industry is more than hair (which is my favorite). There are various areas to choose from. Check out this list!

  • barber
  • cosmetologist (hair stylist)
  • esthetician
  • medical esthitician
  • nail tech
  • product distributor
  • platform artist
  • educator
  • platform artist
  • make up artist
  • trichologist
  • colorist
  • work on cruise ships
  • work in editorial and film and more!!

Does anything resonate with you? Where do you see yourself in this list?

This list is by far not the end all be all of options but it definitely covers much of the industry. So again, where do you see yourself? Do you love makeup?  Does cutting hair just fascinate the hell out of you? A lot of people love color! If you are looking to enter the world of beauty, take some time to go through this list and see what resonates with you and your passions.Passions being the keyword  here. Which leads me to my next point.

Make sure whatever you decide on feeds your passion. Please never settle for anything based on how much money it may produce or because of any other reason other than passion. The beauty industry is a service industry. You will not succeed if you do not genuinely love it!

Ok, so once you have pinpointed the area you want to jump into, its time to figure out how you will receive your education. Most of the areas of expertise listed above can be learned in cosmetology school. Believe it or not, Cosmetology school covers alot of ground! In cosmetology school you learn the orgin of hair, chemical services such as color, perms, relaxers, etc. You also learn the basics of hair, business, cutting and even some barbering skills! You also learn how to do nails! And I mean everything from simple manis to acrylics, sculptured nails, designs and more! If skin and make up is more your thing, you will also learn some basic esthetics!!follow-your-passion

The possibilities are endless!

If you decide to go to beauty school full time, depending on your state requirements you should be in school 10 months to a year. Some schools offer part time hours which should have you out of school in close to two years. Barber school is pretty close to the same time schedule. The difference in barber training is that you learn more about hair cutting, trimming and shaving. You will still learn some chemical processes, roller sets etc but the main focus is hair cutting.

There is so much more info to share and I could easily type all night about one of may favorite subjects ever but Im headed to teach a class.But please remember to follow your bliss! If anyone has any questions please dont hesitate to ask!

See yall soon!




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