Giving Up….. Why Is It So Easy?

Yea I know….. 

This is a hair and beauty blog… 

But every now and then, I need to unload about things that concern me….

Why is it that when we make our most earth-shattering life decisions, life seems to want to throw every curve ball possible to deter us? 

Why is it that while we are doing nothing and ain’t trying to do nothing, nothing happens then?

Last question. Why is it that when life throws these curves, why is our first impulse to quit??? Why is that even an option???? (Sorry bout that. But that was definitely the last question. For now)

Nobody that has ever accomplished anything major, did it without any detours and mishaps. 

Tyler Perry went through years of abuse and attempted suicide as a child. He also went through more than 10 years of investing thousands into renting buildings, hiring talent, and constantly writing working and producing, only to be disappointed in the lack of support time after time. He even lived in his car for a period of time BUT he never gave up on his dreams!!!!

Oprah Winfrey, being passionate about journalism and landing her first dream job of being an anchor for a popular Baltimore station, was fired because of having to deal with sexism and harassment. But did she let that stop her?? We all know the answer to that! Oprah is now a powerhouse and a household name and last time I checked, worth 3 BILLION DOLLARS!!!!

The one thing I want to stop and point out about my girl, Oprah, is that she was fired from her FIRST job! A lot of us would have just came to the immediate conclusion that “Well, I guess this isn’t for me”. It would have been over! Just like that !! But thankfully Ms. Winfrey had and has STAYING POWER!!!  I read somewhere that Oprah cried during a sad report and they let her go. She was “too sensitive and feeling to report the news! But look 👀!! The same thing that caused her to be fired is the exact same reason she is so loved and admired today!! Just because one setting doesn’t appreciate what you bring to the table, doesn’t mean anything!!  There is a whole audience of people just waiting on you and all you have to offer the world! 

I could go on and on. Especially as I look back on my own life. I have been through so much trying to build my life to what I want it to be! I have suffered so many setbacks. Some self-inflicted, some life- inflicted but I made it through and I had to deal with those things and learn those lessons so I could be a better woman, entrepreneur, mother and partner.

Giving up on your dreams is only an option if you realize you never really wanted it in the first place. 

Go after what you want with all you have! Pray! Push! And watch your success unfold. You’ve got this and you will make it!!!

Until next time!

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