The Absolute Truth About Split Ends! Ten Things You Must Know About Split Ends!!


One of my biggest pet peeves in the salon is for a woman to come in, professing her love for and desiring healthy hair but when I ask them if they would like a trim (which they definitely do if I asked them) and they say no or “maybe next time” or ” I’m not ready for that yet”. I then of course talk to them about why it’s important to get a trim and how it will benefit their hair and most come around really quickly but there are always a few who are so afraid of getting rid of those raggedy, damaging ends! These are people who want their hair appear long but not interested in their hair being healthy. Please don’t let this be you!! 

There are a lot of stories and myths out there about split ends, and I am here to clear them all up once and for all!! 

Here are 10 truths about split ends that should clear up all misunderstandings and put you well on your way to beautiful, healthy hair!

  1. Split ends CANNOT be repaired!!
  2. Trim your ends every 4 to 6 or every 6 to 8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. This is a must!
  3. There is NO PRODUCT that repairs split ends!!! SPLIT ENDS MUST BE TRIMMED!!! There are products and home remedies that claim to “mend” or “fix” split ends. These products only seal the ends until either you shampoo or until the product wears off. Whichever comes first. Meanwhile the ends are splitting further up the hair shaft.
  4. Dry hair splits faster. 
  5. Chemicals such as perms, relaxers, permanent hair colors and lighteners (bleach) cause split ends to come about faster. Chemically treated hair is dryer because the chemicals break down the hair from the cortex. The cortex is the middle layer of the hair which houses the hair’s moisture as well as many other very important components of the hair’s structure. 
  6. Trimming your hair DOES NOT make the hair grow faster!  (This is explained further below).
  7. If you do not trim your hair, the hair shaft will continue to split all the way up from the bottom causing weaker, damaged, brittle, breaking hair! Also….
  8. Not trimming your ends will result in stunted growth. As mentioned above, trimming your split ends will not make your hair grow faster. The ends of the hair have nothing to do with your hair follicle which is where the hair physically grows out of. However, the hair will grow to a point and the split ends will break off as fast as the hair grows. Which means, all though the hair is still growing from the roots, the ends are split and breaking. Because of this, you won’t see your growth. 
  9. Again, and I can’t stress this enough!!! There is no product that will get rid of split ends!! The split ends must be CORRECTLY trimmed away (please find a professional stylist who knows the difference! This is so crucial!!) It doesn’t matter what you look up or what home remedy you find, nothing and I mean nothing gets rid of split ends except scissors!! Don’t believe me? Test it out for yourself!
  10. Normal split ends are a result of every day wear and tear on hair and the fact that the ends of the hair are the oldest and driest parts of the hair.  There are some instances where ends will split excessively. Think every 2 to 3 weeks. Causes of excessive splitting are:
  • Over-use of hair pins
  • Chemical damage, especially from over-use of lighteners (bleach) 
  • Excessive use of heat
  • Improper trimming 
  • Over wear of ponytails 

I hope this post has answered any questions you may have about those pesky split ends. They sound scary but if you keep a regular trimming regimen you will never have a problem!! 

Any questions? I’m here! 

Until next time! I wish you all very healthy hair!

4 thoughts on “The Absolute Truth About Split Ends! Ten Things You Must Know About Split Ends!!

  1. I love your blog! It makes me smile and know what I put my hairdresser through on a weekly basis 🙂 I nominated you for a blog award.
    Please feel free to accept or decline the nomination. It is my privilege to nominate you. Perhaps you don’t accept awards, are all awarded out or you may just have limited amount of time, and you must set your priorities. Just know, I enjoy your blog and wanted to take time to point you out.


    1. Hello Samantha!! I am so sorry for my extremely late response. It has been a month since I have posted and i should be thoroughly ashamed!!! Thank you so much for your kind, happy words and your nomination! I humbly accept and vow to do you proud! Im sure your hairdresser loves every bit of your shenannigans just as i look forward to my ladies! lol

      You have truly made my night cause Lord knows, I have so many things i am working on to build my brand as well as taking care of my family, sometimes I just get lost in it all.

      Thank you again!! I appreciate you to no end!!


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