From The Heart ….

Heeeeeyyyy all!!!

So, I’ve been gone a month and I’m sorry! 

Between getting ready for Thanksgiving, taking care of my family (including our 3 dogs), being a daily chauffeur, taking care of my clients,working behind the scenes in my business,  working on my upcoming projects, and (whew) so much else, I fell a bit behind but I’m here now and I ain’t going no wheres (Yes, I’m aware of that extra ‘s’🙄)!! 

Ok. So. My job and passion and reasoning behind this blog as a whole is beauty and I know this BUT every now and then I just have to throw in some positive vibes and yea.. this is one of those times. So here we go…..

As we all know, a few weeks ago, a new president was elected. I purposely avoided the Election Day polls and results all day cause I really was nervous about who the winner would turn out to be. I had a feeling in my gut all day that I was going to be disappointed with the outcome. I worked all day and made sure to stay away from the tv. I even went as far as to take a sleep aid so I would quickly go to bed and not be tempted to go online or watch tv or anything (This was extreme I know, but y’all don’t understand my relationship with night time. That is my time! It’s the only time my house is quiet and I enjoy it to the 100th power! So sleeping is the last thing I usually do!!). So… I distinctly remember waking up at exactly 4:44 am and thinking, “I’ll be safe if I check out InstaGram”, so I did and just like that, the first picture I saw was… what I didn’t want to see.. and I was devastated. So devastated, I didn’t go back to sleep.  

I walked around much of the next day with what felt like a brick in my belly. That is, until I had a talk with myself and made myself snap the hell out of it!

What the hell was wrong with me anyway?! 

Since when have I ever believed that anyone controlled my life and its outcome other than God??? 

Had I lost my mind? Yep! Temporarily! But I got it back! 

No one! And I mean NO ONE has any power over me or you and the outcome of our lives except us and God! 

This situation really made me think. It made me think about the power we individually have. It made me think about the Bible and all of the powers God gave us to use to better our lives, to go as far as we desire to go, to have the lives we want, to have the abundance we desire and so on… I thought, “God has said on several occasions to ask Him for what I want and to seek Him and to trust Him and He would give me THE DESIRES OF MY HEART (Psalm 37:4). The way I’m (and so many others) are behaving right now is a total slap in God’s face!!!” How in the world can I pray and believe in God for literally everything else in my life but act as though my life is over because of some man with the same creator as me??!! Yea. I had to check myself and fast. 

As I said, God gave us each power, whether we believe it or not and the crazy thing is your power is definitely yours but you can give your power away. But the interesting thing is, NO ONE CAN TAKE YOUR POWER UNLESS YOU GIVE IT AWAY! I notice that it’s so easy for us to give away our powers. We give our power away to boyfriends, husbands, problems, jobs, circumstances, etc. We allow life to live us and not the other way around! If we plan on doing anything extraordinary with our lives, this mentality has GOT TO STOP!  We have to accept that everything in our lives will not go as planned and no, we won’t get our way in every instance and for that cause, we have to learn how to rise above and keep going. Keep fighting. We have to speak life and prosperity over ourselves, our businesses, our families and anything else that matters to us. The Bible tells us that “Life and death are in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21). It also says that “Whatever a man thinks is what he is” (Proverbs 23:7). With these powerful words in mind, look at the powers you have over your life! If you’re saying, “Omg! This is about to be a disaster!!” , then you’re right! It will be a disaster, for you! If you’re thinking, “I’m going to lose everything!”, you’re right. You are. (Yikes!)

In closing, I’m not a holy roller or a super religious freak or anything. I’m just a person who believes in God and the powers He gave me. Us. We can’t just roll over in life. We gotta fight and prevail. God said that He wants us to have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10). That wasn’t contingent on who the president was. That’s what God wants and He is God! But we have to want it too. I really hope this helped someone the way it helped me. And as usual, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out! 

See y’all next time!

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