Spotlight Product: Sylk Serum™

As you all have probably already guessed, I am a crazy, passionate advocate for growing, healthy hair! In my 13 years of being a cosmetologist, achieving  healthy thickness and growth are 2 of the biggest concerns I see in the salon and in the cosmetology industry period. I have tried product after product after product promising insane amounts of growth. Tingly products, stinky products, tar-like products, products in pretty bottles, products in ugly fat jars, products from other countries, products, products, products!!! Only to see… well… nothing. 

This prompted me to do my own research. 

I thought back to when I was a kid. When we got sick, my grandparents barely ever gave us medicine from the store because it hardly ever really worked. Not to sound cliche’,but  the thing that got results was the natural remedies. The 5 pepper concoction for congestion, the tomato soup for low iron symptoms, the baking soda and lemon juice for gas,pickle juice for stomach aches, using my own pee to rid myself of the chicken pox (yes, pee, really), vinegar for everything, the salt for nauseousness…. I could go on and on. 

I thought, if all these remedies work for the body, then surely I could get great results with naturally derived ingredients! So, there I was sitting in a pile of books and papers and I realized the one thing I kept noticing was the effective use of naturally derived oils! I began to search more and more into certain oils and I began to test using certain oils to treat certain hair issues and the results were nothing short of amazing!! The results I achieved from using oils has been phenomenal and has constantly done wonders for my clients’ hair life!

Here are a few oils I swear by and their purposes:

  • Tea Tree – treats dandruff, ringworm, itchy scalp, lice, etc
  • Castor – increases hair growth, controls hair loss, fights scalp infections and dandruff, natural conditioner and moisturizer, thickens current strands, supplies needed fatty acids for healthy scalp 
  • Avacado– moisturizing, cures damage, contains vitamins A,B,D,E protein, amino acids, iron, copper, magnesium and folic acid, detangles and strengthens hair 
  • Grapeseed- strengthens, stops hair loss, repels dandruff, heals inflamed hair and scalp, deeply moisturizers
  • Camellia Seed- contains omega fatty acids, promotes hair growth, adds amazing sheen and luster, prevents dry, itchy scalp, stops hair loss and breakage

Using these oils will do wonders for your hair! Especially those seeking thicker and longer hair. Which brings me to my spotlight product; Sylk Serum™.

Sylk Serum is an expertly mixed mixture of all the oils I mentioned, excluding the Tea Tree oil. (Tea Tree oil is most effective with one other carrier oil to treat the issues listed above.)

Sylk Serum is a powerhouse for the hair and scalp! Just imagine having all of the fabulous benefits from each oil I previously mentioned all expertly mixed into one awesome container !!! And the best part is, each oil used is in its pure, organic form! No additives or preservatives! 

To get the best results from Sylk Serum, here is a list of ways to use it and its benefits:

-Sylk Serum is awesome for use as a Serum after towel drying, before drying under a dryer, air drying or blow drying for use as a heat protectant, moisture, to keep hair strong and free from breakage.

– a very effective hot oil treatment 

– use on thinning areas for regrowth

– add a few drops to your favorite conditioner for added moisture and protection

– a powerful deep conditioner 

– use as a conditioner if hair is suffering from severe dryness

– use on scalp under protective styles to radically propel growth!

I use this on every client that sits in my chair and I constantly see fabulous results from my clients who consistently use it (if you’re on InstaGram, check out my page @theladyofstyl to see results from Sylk Serum). I discover new and innovative ways to use it daily and it hasn’t failed yet!

Interested in trying it for yourself? 

Go here to order 👉🏾 

Thanks for reading y’all and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!!

See y’all next time!!

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